Youth Bowlers of the Year & All Star Team Members













Divisions & Criteria

Youth Age Divisions

Bantam: 8 Year of Age & Younger

Prep: 9 - 11 Year of Age

Junior: 12 - 14 Year of Age

Major/Sr: 15-22 Years of Age

(Bowlers ages are as of August 1st.)


All Star Team Criteria

In order to be named to an All Star Team, a youth bowler must have bowled a minimum of 42 games in Greater Omaha Area "GOA" certified league. (note: 2013 minimum games will be 52)

The highest scores in each divisions are honored as Bowlers of the Year.  Scores must be rolled between August 1st, 2011 and July 31st, 2012.  Coaches must submit scores by using the Bowler of the Year form. 

Bantam Boy          Game 150, Series 375

Bantam Girl          Game 125, Series 350

Prep Boy               Game 200, Series 500

Prep Girl               Game 175, Series 475

Junior Boy             Game 225, Series 575

Junior Girl             Game 200, Series 550

Major/Sr Boy         Game 250, Series 650

Major/Sr Girl          Game 225, Series 600


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